Rencontre avec Vanessa Elisha – INTERVIEW

Quelques jour après avoir dévoilé son nouveau titre « Ocean » nous sommes partie à la rencontre de la chanteuse montante Australienne Vanessa Elisha..

– Can you describe yourself in 4 words ?

  • Creative, Kind, Colourful, Real

– When and how do you start writing music and singing ?

  • I like to write late at night. I’m a bit of a vampire, sleep during the day and work till the early hours. It always starts with a beat that inspires me, from there I just write what the beat makes me feel about my story.

How do you decide to realised your first EP « Don’t Go » ?

  • It was a happy accident. I wrote one song, showed my friend and now manager Matt, and he said, let’s release this and see what happens. So we did and the response was so great that we decided to do a full EP.

– Do you already wanted to be a profesionnal singer or it’s just a passion/hobbies ?

  • I’ve always wanted this to be my job. I live by the motto that “if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life”. That is the aim, music is what makes me happy.

– A lot of people said you are in the wave of artist like Jhene Aiko, what do you think about that ?

  • I take the comparison as a huge compliment. Our styles differ but i can see where the comparison is drawn. I think she’s an amazing artist, one that is cultivating excitement back into the R&B genre.


– How could you define your song, R&B, Pop, Electro ?

  • It’s a mix of all three I guess. R&B is always the foundation but I like to experiment with sound, it has influences of deep house, jazz, electro – really I just write to whatever makes me move.

– Who is your favorite artist ? – Do you prepare an new EP or video clip ?

  • My favourite artist right now is probably JMSN, I love his work, his voice is like butter. There is a clip and EP in talks. We are trying to figure out my next move.


– How do you find your inspiration for exemple for a track like « OCEAN » ?

  • It really just came to me organically. I have always had an infatuation and fear of water since I was younger. The mystery of it, the fact that you can’t touch it but can be surrounded by it. When I think about the relationship I was writing about, it really all just came together, the comparison was so clear to me.

– Do you already have a label or major contract ?

  • There is a lot of label interest, but we’re waiting till I can go out to LA for some meetings this year to decide where to be placed. We really want it to be right

– There is not a lot of R&B singer in Australia, this is difficult ?

  • It’s not ideal really. The support from the US, UK, France, Canada have been much more prevalent. But I think R&B is coming back in a big way, Australia is catching on.